Dear Shishitos: I Love You!

Some girls like to snuggle up to a good romance novel, I prefer to romance my taste buds with tasty Shishito peppers:


I’m not sure why this took me so long, but Shishitos are an easy, light, delicious snack. I just pan fry them with olive oil & add some sea salt. I like them to get a little charred. Jason & I also love dipping these in soy sauce.

I came across four great recipes for Shishitos here. There’s Pan-Seared Shishitos with Sesame Seeds (that sounds yummy), Char-Grilled Shishitos, Shrimp, Shishito & Pineapple Skewers (woah) & Shishito Tempura.

The heat in the Shishitos range from mild to super hot, so be careful. And if you see a slight orange/red hue, that one is most likely hotter. But, again, I’m not a super spice-hot person & I absolutely love them.

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