SweetJamz Cooks! Episode #009: Guest Chef Litzi’s Quesadillas!

Ever wanted to learn how to make tortillas from scratch? I met Litzi while volunteering for CoachArt – and here she teaches us how to make her famous quesadillas!

Recipe (download it here—> Chef Litzis Quesadillas)


– Heat beans in pan on medium heat. Add 1/3 cup of water, or more, as needed. Heat until bubbling.
– Mix one mug of water with one mug of masa mix in a bowl until the right consistency (not too liquidy, not too dry).
– Roll masa into small balls.
– Take massa ball and place in tortilla maker. Flatten ball by pressing down with tortilla maker – but it’s important to not press too hard – you don’t want the tortilla to be too thin (it will be unmanageable). It’s best to use something like plastic wrap, parchment paper or cut out garbage bags like Litzi used – so that the masa mix doesn’t stick to the tortilla maker, TRUST US ON THIS!
– Open tortilla maker and transfer tortilla onto heated pan and cook both sides until browned.
– After the tortilla is browned on both sides, you are ready to eat it.
– Secure extra tortillas on a plate wrapped in a clean kitchen towel to keep them warm.
– Spread refried beans on tortilla.
– Then add cheese on top.
– Fold & enjoy!

Voila! Another great SweetJamz!

julie & litzi