Some things are worth the wait – Jon & Vinny’s!

Ahhhh, so we’ve gone ‘n done it. Jason & I have started a blog. Well, we felt like we needed a place to put our love of food, booze, music & adventures. So why not the internets. We’re going to blog about places we go to, food we make & the drinkees we drinks, etc. I think you get the point 🙂

jon & vinny's

Let me start this one by telling you about my foodie friend, Pete. (You may need to sit down for this one.) He has traveled the world eating & drinking to his heart’s content. He is also a best friend to my brother (Chef Mark Grosz at Oceanique). I have seen these two eat multiple full meals within hours (insert indigestion here).

Pete and me 2014(Pete & me 2014)

Well, Pete told me Jon & Vinny’s on Fairfax in Los Angeles is, by far, the best food in town for the money. “The best bang for your buck” was probably the actual Pete lingo. Thee “BEST” food? This is coming from a man who spares no expense on eating (I witnessed him eat at Bazaar in Beverly Hills TWICE in one night. And, btw, those tabs added up to an entire month’s rent.). Let me also assure you he’s no snob either. I believe he was once spotted at a Subway sandwich shop, but let’s not talk about that. Bottom line: he knows his stuff. J&V’s is the best? You had me at…food.

Getting a reservation wasn’t so easy, but FINALLY, Pete, Jason & I (and a few others) ventured over. I mean, I had to see for myself. And wouldn’t you know it, they were CLOSED! due to a kitchen fire. Literally, fire trucks outside. Ah, the belly sadness. (Don’t worry, I was told no one was injured in said fire. <—I’m still human. Kinda.)

We talked about going back, but you know how life can be…the same group of friends never got it together (one of those friends returning to the Congo didn’t help). And that whole booking a reservation three weeks in advance thing seemed so daunting. Almost A YEAR later, I was having a not-so-good day and Jason (what a cutie) surprised me with reservations for THAT NIGHT – Me: “No Way!” Jason: “Way!!” (He got them day-of, btw, MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! THANK YOU, SANTA.)

There was a bit of a wait (cue Tom Petty’s “The the hardest part…”), but after about 30 minutes we got seated and immediately HAD to order the app that had been dancing by us all night {MARINARA BRAISED MEATBALLS, RICOTTA, GARLIC BREAD $16.25} :



This was TO-DIE-FOR. I don’t even care for garlic bread and this was a down right dream. Why did we have to share???!!

We also ordered the “LA Woman” pizza (when in Rome) {LOCAL BURRATA, TOMATO, BASIL, OLIVE OIL, SEA SALT $19.25 }:


When it came out, I actually was disappointed, thinking it really didn’t look that special. Note to self, another lesson learned in judging a pizza by its cover. The sauce, the crust, the basil, the BURRATA – an Olympic team to take all golds. Add more spoils with a dipping sauce – we went for Ranch {CRUST DIP – CHOICE OF – MARINARA, CREAMY ITALIAN, RANCH, E.V. OLIVE OIL 

And how about a lil pasta! {SPICY FUSILLI, VODKA, BASIL, PARMESAN $19.75}


We were told this was a bit spicy but not crazy (Jason LOOOOVES spice, I can handle a little), but this wasn’t spicy at all. It was melt in your mouth delicious, though.

And then the vino! In a very unique situation, J&V’s has a separately owned wine shop INSIDE the restaurant – Helen’s. It’s a little confusing to understand at first, but you can go in the wine room in the back of the restaurant and buy wine to go at street value to take with you or for a higher price get it to drink at the restaurant (note, corkage fees for your own wine at J&V’s is $35 per bottle).

We didn’t want to spend a crazy amount (prices in there can get pretty high) & we love full bodied reds. We were recommended this (approx. cost $55):


It was tasty but a bit dry – definitely a wine better with food. And, boy, did we have food 🙂

Everything was delicious and great for two people to split. I definitely recommend going with others so that you can try more. We didn’t leave over-stuffed either. The portions were just right. (I should mention we are OBSESSED with food.)

Overall? (I guess we need to come up with a ratings system here.) Jason & I give it a whole lotta love (9 out of 10 heart black…there’s always room for easier reservations and less wait time).

— julie slater